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A free counter for your website

Online Count is a unique real-time statistics system that shows how many visitors are actively viewing your web site, which page they are viewing and their country of origin.

It also displays the maximum number of visitors online so far today and the maximum since recording started.
Developed out of a desire to understand more about my website visitors, Online Count allows me to see in real-time, as it happens, how many visitors I have and where they came from.

Two reports can be seen for each site; the first shows active visitorsonline now and where they came from, the second show the number of visitorsso far today and this week, and where they came from. For an example of the Online Count system you can view the statisticsfor visitors online now at a soccer website web site here or see the weekly statistics page for the same site here.

If you would like to see Online Count real-time statistics for your web site for free simple go to the sign up page and follow the instructions. All that is required is that you insert a single line of html on your web page so that we can track you visitors. 
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